Here are some of our customer's most common questions, together with the answers. However if you do need any further information, or have any questions not covered below, please contact us.

The answers to the below FAQ's will appear as "Pop Ups" - if these do not appear when you click on a question you may have to set your system to allow "Pop Ups" from the 2-Let website.

Property Owners

  • How much does it cost to advertise my property ?
  • I am a management agent can I advertise properties ?
  • Which payment methods do you accept ?
  • Can I cancel my advert ?
  • Can I make a suggestion ?
  • Can I also advertise elsewhere ?


  • When tying to add a property it keeps returning me to the Login page
  • I can't get my property images to upload
  • My property images do not display on my advert
  • My advert doesn't seem to be appearing
  • I can't see the Country I'm interested in on the Search page
  • The availability calendar for my property isn't displayed
  • Can I advertise my property page on your website elsewhere ?
  • The property location map isn't appearing at all
  • The property location map appears - but doesn't show the correct map location
  • The translation of my property details into another language isn't accurate
  • I have a problem with the website not mentioned in the Technical FAQ's


  • How much can I earn as a 2-Let affiliate ?
  • How do I register to become an affiliate ?
  • What do I have to do as an affiliate ?
  • How does 2-Let track customers referred by an affiliate ?
  • What if an advertiser is referred by more than one affiliate ?
  • Can I become an affiliate if I don't have a website ?
  • How often are payments made to affiliates ?
  • How can I track how many adveritisers I have referred to your site ?
  • How do I add an affiliate link to my website ?